Meeting Schedule:

Contact Laurie Pitts, Programs Manager at or 828.785.3621 for more information about meetings and other YO activities and events.
 Sunday youth meetings are 4:00 – 6:00 at First Congregational United Church of Christ (FCUCC), 20 Oak Street in downtown Asheville, unless otherwise indicated. Youth ages 14 – 20 are welcome to attend Sunday meetings.  Youth ages 21 – 23 are invited to attend Young Adult Leaders monthly meetings which are indicated in the schedule.
Directions: When facing the red doors at the front of the church take the long sidewalk to the door with a handicap access button.  Push the button and take the stairs to the top floor.

Sunday bus service now available in Asheville.  Click to review the schedule.


Group Topics for October 2015

(Including Middle School Group & Franklin Youth Group)

October 4 – Let’s Talk About Allies
This year GLSEN’s Ally Week is September 28 – October 2, 2015 so, let’s talk about allies.  We all need allies in our lives for a myriad of reasons so let’s tackle some of the big questions in an effort to become a better ally ourselves or help our allies understand how they can best advocate on our behalf.  Some of the questions we’ll cover include:  Historically, how have allies influenced the advance the Queer Rights Movement?  Who has been your biggest ally?  What makes a great ally?  Are there mistakes that well-meaning allies make?  If so, what are they?  Have you been an ally to another person or other people? Have you ever had to advocate on someone’s behalf?  What did it feel like? 

 October 11 – Queer History Living Timeline
How well do you know your queer history? Let’s just see!  This group will be dedicated to participation in a Queer History Living Timeline.

 October 18 – Finding Your Voice and How to Use It!
We will have Joshua Bledsoe from Blue Ridge Community College as a guest facilitator for this group.  Through activities, Josh will work with youth to help you identify your own authentic voices along with effective techniques to help ensure that those voices are heard loud and clear.

October 25 – LGBTQ History with Keith Bramlett
Bramlett will be on hand to show the documentary Screaming Queens:  The Riot at Compton’s Cafeteria, a  documentary about transgender women and drag queens who fought police harassment at Compton’s Cafeteria in San Francisco’s Tenderloin in 1966, three years before the famous riot at Stonewall Inn bar in NYC.  There will be time for discussions and questions following the film.

 Middle School Discussion Group

Saturday, October 17, 11am – 12:30pm –  TransGeneration
 We will be watching clips from the documentary mini-series that follows the lives of four college students undergoing gender transition.  There will also be time for discussion between clips.



By Youth OUTright WNC, Inc