Our Meetings

Youth OUTright WNC, Inc. holds weekly support meetings each Sunday from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m., at First Congregational United Church of Christ, 20 Oak Street in downtown Asheville.


Each meeting is structured to include a group sharing session for those who wish to participate (it’s always OK to participate silently with your thoughts!). An educational and/or entertainment program follows.  Some of our past activities have included yoga, roller skating, a trip to the drum circle, movies, tie dying t-shirts, poetry workshops, arts activities, wall climbing, as well as guest speakers from the Asheville Police Department, Our Voice and the UNCA Alliance.  We also have conversations about topics important to youth like you.

See the calendar on our home page for the schedule of meeting events, as well as off-site and special events.

If you are looking for supportive faith-based institutions, LGBT national, state, regional, and local organizations, and other information about high school and college campus support click here to visit Links & Resources.

 What Happens at a Youth OUTright Meeting?

Meetings begin with self-introductions from our adult facilitators, youth and any special guest that might be presenting.  Everyone is invited to share their “highs” and “lows” of the past week.  We review the group guidelines (see below) and then we jump into a group discussion, or hear from a guest speaker on a variety of subjects.  Discussions can include LGBT history, HIV/AIDS awareness, safe sex education, dating, bullying – or any number of other topics. Or, we may watch a movie, play a game, or just hang out with friends.  If you’re interested in this week’s topic, click for our calendar.

Oh yes, and we also have snacks, beverages and we order pizza.

It’s a very casual, friendly atmosphere with two trained adult facilitators present to ensure that the meetings are safe, welcoming and supportive.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Our Meetings

 Q: Do I have to be “out” to attend the meetings?

A:  No, you don’t have to be out, or even be LGBTQ to come to our meetings.  No one expects you to label yourself at meetings, just be respectful of everyone.  YO is a safe and inclusive space for everyone.

 Q: Is it okay to use my chosen name and not my birth name?

A: Yes, absolutely.  If your birth name is Zach, and you want to be called Zee, introduce yourself as Zee. 

Q: How do I know if a meeting is cancelled?

 A:  Youth OUTright strives to make sure that meetings are not cancelled, however sometimes the weather can make it impossible for youth and facilitators to make it to the meeting. Your safety is important, if the weather is too bad, then the meeting will be cancelled. Cancelled meetings will be posted on the website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Q: Can my parent or guardian enter the building at the end of the meeting to pick me up?

A:  Meetings are for youth ages 14 – 23.  In order to respect their privacy we ask parents, guardians, grandparents, and others who are not attending to wait outside until the end of the meeting at 6:00 p.m.

 Q: Can I come to the meeting if I am not gay?

A: Yes, anybody 14-23 can come to the meeting, we only ask that you respect our group guidelines.

 Youth OUTRight Group Guidelines

  • Everyone is entitled to confidentiality.
  • Don’t come intoxicated to a meeting.
  • Don’t bring any weapons or drugs to the meeting.
  • Respect yourself and respect others.
  • Don’t make assumptions about someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Be supportive, not confrontational.
  • Group participation is desirable but silence is acceptable for those who choose it.
  • Don’t monopolize the conversation or discussion.

 Directions to First Congregational United Church of Christ (FCUCC, 20 E. Oak Street, Asheville)

From the West:

  • Take I-240 East to the Charlotte Street Exit (5-B)
  • At the top of the exit ramp, turn right onto Charlotte Street
  • At the next light turn right onto College Street
  • Take your first right onto Oak St.
  • FCUCC is on your left (20 Oak St.)

From the East:

  • Take I-240 West to the Charlotte Street Exit (5-B)
  • At the light, turn left onto Charlotte Street
  • At the second light turn right onto College Street
  • Take your first right onto Oak St.
  • FCUCC is on your left (20 Oak St.)


Parking for Sunday youth meetings is available at the following:

  • The small parking lot directly behind the church.
  • Beside the church in the bank lot (south). This is the best place for people with mobility issues since the accessibility entrance is on this side of the church. Handicapped parking is also available on the street in front of the church.
  • Next door In the Preferred Properties Realty lot (north).
  • On the street or in the county health department’s large lot (further north).
  • Please do NOT park at One Oak Plaza or in any lots belonging to the First Baptist Church across the street — you may be towed.



Check out Dan Savage’s “It gets better” project

It Gets Better project.

Here’s an example from Broadway Stars..

One comment on “Youth

  1. I went last week for the first time and started crying after the meeting. Ive never been to a place with so much acceptance in one room and I was overwhelmed. I love it and it feels like home.

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